When I started this blog two years ago, my first article described a hot potato game I wrote using the original Circuit Playground (before there was a Circuit Playground Express version). Now two years later I have created another game, the “Magic Hallowing”. Inspired by the children’s toy “Magic 8-Ball”, this Arduino sketch turns an Adafruit Hallowing […]

I found the personal compass project at Instructables.com quite interesting. Basically, a personal compass works like a regular compass, but instead of pointing to magnetic north, it points to a particular location of personal interest. Maybe it is pointing to the place where you were married, perhaps where your childhood home is. All this compass […]

On or around May 15, with no announcement or advanced notification, the Weather Underground quietly removed their free API key option for use in their weather products.  This left developers with no advanced warning to update their products or inform their customers in advance of the change. This also means that developers have one less […]

  This past holiday season my wife asked me if I could make her a homemade gift for Christmas. So, I gave a her a gift that required some soldering, programming and configuring a web based service. I’m not sure if that was what she was expecting for a homemade present but I like the […]