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About Dan


My name is Dan (as you could have guessed by this site’s name) and I am a self proclaimed geek. Many people have different ideas of what a “geek” really means, but I think I fit the bill. I am a developer, maintain my own mail server (please do not contact me if you are a Secretary of State), manage several web sites including a site devoted to several RFC’s, and I speak Acronym (yes, RFC is one). My geeky interests include internet calendar standards, programming, retro technology, retro games, mobile, IoT (oh there I go again (Internet of Things)). My other interests include family, ventriloquism and magic (the entertainment kind, not the occult or the card game, but I do like card tricks).

Much of this site contains my opinion on various subjects and I take full responsibility if there are two spaces after a period instead of one (but I am trying hard to conform to the modern way).  I hope my opinions are expressed well enough for most of the population to understand. You will be the best judge of that, whether or not you are a geek.

Here are a few of my other websites I created and manage: – A website devoted to promoting the iCalendar standard, a standard for transferring events and calendars between servers and clients such as PCs and smart phones. – Software I wrote for the Joomla content management system, including the calendar software Zap Calendar and auditing software Zap Audit.