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Just For Fun: The Crayon Peacock

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24 crayon peacock

I had this idea that had no real purpose other than to display a box of crayons in a fun way.  So, I created a crayon holder in the shape of a peacock, which I appropriately called, “The Crayon Peacock”. Modeled using Autodesk’s Fusion 360 software, I created two versions of the crayon peacock, one holding 24 crayons and the other holding 16 crayons. One unique aspect of the design is the crayons are held securely in place by friction yet the entire crayon length can still be seen from the front and back of the peacock.

This design came about quite by accident. I was looking at ways to reduce the printing cost by reducing the amount of material without compromising the model’s integrity. The fully enclosed hole for each crayon was trimmed in the front and back, leaving the crayon exposed but it still maintained a firm grip on the crayon.

It turns out I like this design much better than my original design and it uses less material too. I think the final product turned out great, and I am perhaps even “proud as a peacock”.

The models were printed by the printing service using their sintering process for strong and flexible plastic. This creates a smooth professional looking product with 9 color choices. More photos and the 3D models can be found on the 16 crayon and 24 crayon peacock pages at Shapeways (you can even order one there too).